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Creating the UCL hand drawn map of London.

So it’s been about 2 months since we created the map and now seems an appropriate time to tell its story. Like all good projects, the idea came up in conversation and quickly got put into motion. With the generous … Continue reading

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Data Visualization with Sacmeq StatPlanet

A new discovery for me, StatPlanet by http://www.sacmeq.org/ provides an excellent visualization platform for a reasonable number of per-loaded datasets. The standard GUI provides a number of supporting statistics including temporal change. The temporal change graph is placed above the … Continue reading

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CASA Seminar Series OAC Explorer.

This week, Aidan Slingsby of City university,presented his work on visualization of demographic information,through the OAC explorer. The application uses the OAC census classification scheme to categorize the data and uses a selection of cartograms andcolours to disseminate the maximum amount of information whilst not … Continue reading

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