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UK Unemployment in R

The  country is bleeding. This title was first used on the flowing data Blog when displaying unemployment figures in the United States (available http://goo.gl/iMnH2). In the case of the flowing data map the unemployment data is displayed on a standard projection of the … Continue reading

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Zombie map of the world.

Mapping Zombies… Though not the first idea that comes to mind when considering the power of Google. This map highlights some of the potential of the service. The map was created by Dr Mark Graham, Taylor Shelton, Monica Stephens and Matthew Zook of the … Continue reading

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Creating Cartograms in QuantumGIS

Throughout my education, cartograms have been one of my favorite forms of cartographic visualization. Cartograms work on the principle of deforming data based upon an external factor. In the first example, the boroughs of London have been altered based upon the mean equivalent income. … Continue reading

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