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Building 3D Cartogram Globes

  When we consider traditional cartograms, often our first thoughts are towards maps of poverty or wealth. Furthermore, we very expect to see a vector or raster based representation rather than a real world image. This post explored two aspects … Continue reading

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Creating 3D models in ArcScene with Sketchup (Tutorial)

A quick post just to highlight my first attempt at creating a GIS related tutorial. This tutorial looks at the creation of 3D models in ArcScene, modelling in Google Sketch up and finally bringing the two together. This tutorial provides a very … Continue reading

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Google Streetview inside…Good or Bad?

A number of headlines have broadcast recently featuring the introduction of Google’s new indoor street view product, but is this really the answer? The product is aimed at creating a more comprehensive product and has been trialled in a number … Continue reading

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Data Visualization with Sacmeq StatPlanet

A new discovery for me, StatPlanet by provides an excellent visualization platform for a reasonable number of per-loaded datasets. The standard GUI provides a number of supporting statistics including temporal change. The temporal change graph is placed above the … Continue reading

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UK Unemployment in R

The  country is bleeding. This title was first used on the flowing data Blog when displaying unemployment figures in the United States (available In the case of the flowing data map the unemployment data is displayed on a standard projection of the … Continue reading

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CASA Seminar Series OAC Explorer.

This week, Aidan Slingsby of City university,presented his work on visualization of demographic information,through the OAC explorer. The application uses the OAC census classification scheme to categorize the data and uses a selection of cartograms andcolours to disseminate the maximum amount of information whilst not … Continue reading

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