A New ‘SECReT’ Era Begins..

Okay so its been a while since the last post and as you can imagine a lot has changed. Starting with the major updates, I have now completed my Masters of Research qualification at UCL’s CASA and am on the verge  of beginning a PhD with UCL’s SECReT (a perfect acronym with no known explanation).  Unlike most PhD’s however, the SECReT PhD will take four years completing an M.Res in the first year before embarking on the three year research project.

In addition to myself are fourteen other equally intrepid Drs-to-be including 2 geographers, 2 physicists and an array of forensic scientists. All in all epitomizing the interdisciplinary nature of modern research. In order to break the ice the department (SECReT) organised our first joint excursion to the Future Security in Bonn, Germany! As you can imagine, the game of ‘I spy a SECReT student’ at the airport was gripping and to give you a taster of the conference setting i’ve included a picture below.

Image from Future Security 2012 in Bonn Germany

Future Security 2012, Bonn

Though the conference presented a number of challenges (Plenary talks in German) the conference was fairly rewarding and highlighted the cross discipline nature of many aspects of Security Science and allowed everyone to identify shared group in our own knowledge. Further, with the taught component of the year starting the week, everyone is placed on a fairly even playing field moving away from their present background to cover modules including Global Security Challenges and Information Security.

Okay so that will do for now and hopefully the posts will start flowing once again looking at GIS, Tutorials and now Crime and Security Science!







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