Data Visualization with Sacmeq StatPlanet

A new discovery for me, StatPlanet by provides an excellent visualization platform for a reasonable number of per-loaded datasets. The standard GUI provides a number of supporting statistics including temporal change. The temporal change graph is placed above the data an works intuitively displaying the line graph based upon the current mouse position. The included feature ability to select a feature and have it remain graphed for later comparison helps to improve visual data extraction.

Screen Capture of Statpack map

Screen Capture of Statpack map (source

The StatPlanet package is one of a number provided by and includes a number of graphical data visualizations packages which may be used to display aspatial data with equal interactivity.

The StatPlanet further increases its value through the ability to export the viewed data, not only as images but also the underlying data allowing more personal research to be conducted on the data. All in all making StatPlanet and excellent data discovery and principle testing service.


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