UK Unemployment in R

The  country is bleeding. This title was first used on the flowing data Blog when displaying unemployment figures in the United States (available In the case of the flowing data map the unemployment data is displayed on a standard projection of the states.

Flowing Data: US unemployment map

US Unemployment (source Flowing Data)

In my opinion the layout of the United States makes the data fairly easy to visualise as very crudely the states could be seen as a rectangle. The UK however does not have this luxury and as a result visualising similar datasets cannot be performed so easily.

When looking to carry out a similar process on the UK using data from the Guardian data Blog and Wikipedia. In order to better visualise this data it has been structured in such a way that it may be displayed using a rectangular cartogram. The data is divided firstly by region and then electoral constituency before visualising unemployment using a similar colour ramp to that of Flowing Data.
Tree map of UK unemploymentThe tree map produced in R does a good job of displaying the data though it would be beneficial if spatial integrity could be included. In addition to this each constituency cell is labelled only by number and congruently either a lookup table or call-out function would be required to explore the data further.

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