Zombie map of the world.

Mapping Zombies… Though not the first idea that comes to mind when considering the power of Google. This map highlights some of the potential of the service. The map was created by Dr Mark Graham, Taylor Shelton, Monica Stephens and Matthew Zook of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Map of the distribution of Google zombie searches

Zombies Mapped. Source: Oxford Internet Institute

The map creators make the observations that the concentration of searches are reasonably well correlated with the locations of English speaking countries. An interesting further development may be to identify the corresponding words in a number of different languages in order to look at the trend on a more language inclusive level.

The Oxford Internet Institute provides many more excellent data visualisations including a large number of tree maps, twitter and Google visualizations. Below I have included an example of a tree map create by the OII.

Treemap of academic knowledge and language.

Treemap of Academic Knowledge and Language. source Oxford Internet Institute


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