Creating 3D Maps in ArcGIS

As part of the final year visualization module the GIS class were tasked with the construction of a 3D campus map including both a paper visualization and a fly through. This task was split into a number of specific work processes:
1) Topographic data collection of street furniture,
2) Collection of photographic evidence of buildings,
3) Digitization and construction of 3D Buildings,
4) Compilation of all factors,
5) Fly through and paper map production,
Both tasks 1 and 2 where fairly straightforward with photographic evidence of all buildings collected using personal cameras and standard quality GPS devices. Key focus during this exercise was the collection of specific street furniture and safety signage.
Task 3 required the construction of 3D models of all the buildings on the Penryhn road campus. For this purpose ArcGIS has limited functionality and consequently The extruded OS Master Map data was exported using the Collada file from Arc and into Google Sketchup. The 3D construction was fairly general but made key efforts in regards to identifying the recognizable features around the campus. One of the useful quality of ArcGIS is that it allows fully textured and structured 3D models to be imported and substituted for the extruded Master Map building footprints.
As illustrated below the product of this exercise was in my opinion a fairly impressive visualization of the university campus which reasonably well highlighted the locations of faculties and various services through the university site. My personal criticisms of this product where the questionable identification of parking areas and access to buildings.
3D map of Kingston university Penryhn road campus.
Student produced map of Kingston University Penryhn road.
3D map of Kingston university Penryhn road campus created commercially .

                                    Privately produced map of Kingston University Penryhn road

The fly through video was created through the use of ESRI ArcScene and Windows movie maker. ArcScene allows the user to specific views, frames and timing in to move through the scene. Using this function a number of separate sequences around the campus where created and stitched together and annotated using the Windows movie maker application.
Final Video of Kingston University Penryhn road campus
Criticism and feedback of the project:
When comparing the commercially produced map used by the university and the student map created over a period of 3 weeks it is evident that both have strengths and weaknesses but the choice is left open to you. Following the submission of the work it was displayed at the ESRI used conference and received the media mapping award for the fly through. Some of the suggestions for future iterations of the map where to include symbology to highlight accessibility at specific entrances and to identify the locations of stairwells within the building.
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